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First Circle - Bio


Jazz and Pop, Latin and Funk... While their sound is original and unmistakably their own, it is deeply rooted in the sounds of our time.

First Circle began as an acoustic guitar duo. Michael Cosgrove and Larry Messer met by way of Seattle's premier Jazz Guitar instructor, Al Turay, with whom both studied for several years. Later came the freedom and energy of a rhythm section. Bassist Jeff Fiorini has played funk and fusion around Seattle for 20-plus years, including stints with smooth-jazz keyboard-meister Deems Tsutakawa.

The group performs both as a trio and with drums/percussion as a quartet.

First Circle's sound remains centered around the acoustic guitar. The all-instrumental arrangements of Larry and Michael's original tunes tend to have relaxed grooves and strike an elegant balance somewhere between the straight-ahead and smooth-jazz worlds.

As a quartet, First Circle has performed around Seattle for the past several years. Since the release of their self-titled first CD, the band has been actively expanding its geographical and musical horizons.
First Circle is:
Michael Cosgrove, Guitar
Larry Messer, Guitar
Jeff Fiorini, Bass